Does An Nr Emt-intermediate Have A Higher Level Of Training Than An Lpn?

I know that by law in Georgia an EMT-I cannot sign over a patient to an LPN. The EMT-I must transfer his patient to an RN or Doctor. Most LPN programs seem to be longer & contain more credit hours than EMT-Intermediate programs but both are certificate programs. EMT-I in Georgia = about 9 months. […]

I’m a single mother and need some career training…?

I’m a single mother who wants to have a job that can be done during school hours. Which of these would you suggest doing and why? I would be attending a community college for the first 4 and a for-profit school for the last. I am already a CNA. Some people have suggest nursing or […]

How Long Is The Medic And The Lpn Training Takes In The Army?

I am a M6 – LPN and medic in the Army. I left for basic training October 24th, 2004 and graduated LPN school June 1st, 2006. That is without a whole lot of breaks between schools. That gives you a “ball park” of how long it takes to graduate assuming you’re not held back for […]

Where can I find a hospital to do training for nursing?

Where and how do I find a hospital that has a program for someone wanting to do nursing? I have heard I can get my CNA and then go up to lpn. Does anyone know how to find a program like that. I have no experience with nursing either.

Where can an LPN get training to work in a methadone treatment clinic?

I am an LPN, and I have only worked in long-term care/rehab facilities. I found a job I would like to try. Its a dosing nurse at a methadone clinic. I was looking for supplemental training or online classes I could take.

What Is Different Btw The Training Required To Be A Lpn, Bsn, And Rn?

HI, I’m interested in nursing but I see there is alot of different titles for nursing what is the difference? If school offers an associate program does that qualify u as a LPN after the exam?

How Do I Start An Lpn Training School ?

don’t want to go to school to be an lpn. I want to start a training school of my own for students to go to . To get certified.