Want to be lpn. Where do I start?

I have been out of school for 6 years. All I have is a hs deploma. I want to become a nurse. I have no idea what i need to do or where to start. i cannot afford to quit my job and need to take online courses. Can you help me off in teh […]

I Need Some Advice. I Want To Begin A Lpn Career But Do Not Know What School To Go To.?

I also don’t know how much they get paid… can any LPN’s out there help me out?

Want to become an LPN- HELP?

I want to get a career in nursing. I have read that it only takes a year to become an LPN. True? And could I work in a womans care/maternity center as an LPN? If so, is there a special program for that, or is it all the same? What do i need to look […]

I’m a LPN and I want to pursue my RN degree. What is the best route to obtain RN Degree?

I’m a LPN and i want to pursue my RN degree. I already have a B.S Degree in Biology. What is the best route to obtain my RN degree? I do want to eventually go for my MSN as well.

i want to join the military(army or maybe the air force) but i am so confused?

I am getting ready to be a junior in high school and im also taking classes to get LPN and CNA certified . i am super excited to get out of high school and having a future that i decide to have. i had my future all planned out then my older brother just graduated […]

I want to pursue my career in nursing. Is it best to go straight for your RN or LPN?

I am a Junior in high school. Want to pursue my career in nursing. I want to eventually become an OB Nurse. Should I go straight to become a RN or LPN and get experience?

i think i want to work in a labor and delivery ward as a nurse?

can an lpn work in that ward? what does an lpn do? how many years of school would i have to do?