I Want To Start A Career in Medical but what would be best to just get my foot in the door and be easy for me?

im 18 years old a female and i really want to take care of the Elderly and there are NAC training classes and RN etc. but what do those all even Stand For i know some of them but not all of them? like for example NAC < RN, LPN etc etc. there are a […]

I want to go to college…how do I get a student loan and other info?

I’m 39. When I was 26 I went to nursing school on a Pell grant but dropped out. Now I want to go back to school. Do they do credit checks for student loans or can anybody get one? What other options would I have. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t qualify for a Pell grant […]

Want To Move To Either Arizona Or So. Carolina And Continue Praciticing As An Lpn,?

I currently have my Lpn License in the state Of Ohio.

I want to be an RN, but I am worried I may be on the wrong track!?

Okay first off, I am a 28 year old male living in Tampa, FL. I currently attend college for my BSN into Nursing and am attending training classes for my CNA – which also provide opportunities for several certificates. Now, the question is… by taking CNA training classes, then my CNA Test – would this […]

I don’t want to regret staying in the Nursing field…..please help?

Hello everyone I need your honest feedback. I’m on several other forums (Occupational/Physical Therapy, etc.) and thought I might come here, too, even though it’s probably a tad biased in each forum ;0). Here’s where I’m at in life: * I’m a 25 year old lady who doesn’t mind putting in another 4-6 years of […]

someone slap me… I want a baby.?

I’m 24 years old, my husband is 31. I’m a practical nurse and have been at my current job for a little over a year. I am already enrolled in college this fall for the lpn to rn transfer program…it will take 2 years for me to complete. The first year is simple, just 2 […]

I want to become a Registered Nurse..?

Im 18, I graduated High School.. I Live in Atlanta Georgia and im really interested in becoming a RN. I Just dont know which schools would be best. My parents never went to college so.. they cant offer me much help on all my questions.. Im Kinda just having to figure everything out on my […]