I Need Some Advice. I Want To Begin A Lpn Career But Do Not Know What School To Go To.?

I also don’t know how much they get paid… can any LPN’s out there help me out?

I Have A Lpn License In The State Of In. I Am Moving To Idaho What Do I Need To Do?

Will my license tranfer to Idaho or will I have to retake the test?

What Is Iowa’s Requirements For Duty To Act For Trained Medical Staff?

I want to know what is Iowa’s requirement for Duty to Act for trained medical staff? Examples: Trained Staff, EMTs, LPN Nurse, RN Nurse, Doctors… and so on? And what are the penalties if caught not assisting at a scene?

What Is It Like To Be A Nurse, Like Cna, Or Lpn/rn?

Im planning on going to school in the spring for lpn after i get my cna and i was wondering what its really like. What exactly do you do or are responsible for? Describe a typical day as a lpn or rn?

What Kind Of Salary Can I Expect As An Lpn?

I currently work as a server at a steak house, and am trying to get back into school. Eventually I want to be an RN. A local college has a year long LPN to RN program that would be perfect if I can make ends meet on an LPN salary for a year or so. […]

I Need To Know …what Vocational/trade Schools Offer Lpn/lvn In Washington State?

But not expensive ones =/.or it could even be like an adult school type of a thing…please im having a hard time finding some ….and im going to be living like in the north part of washington STATE. thanks =]

What Is The Best Book To Study For The Lpn And Rn Nclex?

I just passed RN boards. The best book I can recommend to you is to buy Saunders Q & A.