Best Track Towards Becoming A Nurse [bsn Rn Adn Lpn?????] With Intent Of Getting Masters?

Okay so here is the deal. I am 23 years old and have been jumping around colleges for the past three years due to being married to a full-time soldier. I went from Missouri to Nebraska. The three years of study I have under my belt were geared towards pharmacy or med school. I have […]

Did Anyone Pass The Pn Nclex With The Maximum Number 205 Questions?

I just took my PN NCLEX yesterday with the maximum number 205 questions. Have you passed with the maximum number? How long did it take for you to receive your results. I am a nervous wreck right now waiting on my results.

Can You Become A Lpn With Experience As A Being Medical Services In The Air Force?

If not, how hard is it to become one?? The AFSC is 4N0X1.

What Else Could You Do With A Lpn License?

My friend dropped out of college and went to a one year and got an Lpn license. Worked in a few places and part time and Hated it-like nursing homes treated like bottom rung etc. He really wants to pursue something else- like managerial but has no experience. Since the Lpn school offered no transferable […]

I Will Graduate With Lpn License Next Year From Illinois School, How Do I Transfer This To Work In Pa?

This shool is national league of nursing approved (NLN)

I Am Looking For An Lpn Training Program Close To Detroit, Mi. Only Finding Rn With 18 Month Waits. Any Ideas?

All the schools I seem to contact have very long wait lists.

Lpn, Employment With Mi Doc?

I am an LPN, licensed in Michigan, looking for a local staffing agency that staffs the Michigan prisons. I would prefer the Detroit area, but, open to all areas. Thanks