LPN wanting to work at the ER-Is this possible?

i know that LPNs work at nursing homes, but i can see how boring that would get boring. Is there a specific name for a LPN that only works at the hospital or do we absolutely have to work at nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Can an Occupational Therapist Assistant certified to work in California also work in Texas?

I’m considering going to school here in California to become on OTA. However, I am originally from Texas and will be moving back home in two years. I was wondering if I can work in Texas as an OTA who is certified in California, or will I have to take the exam in Texas to […]

How do I deal with negative people at my work?

I’m 22 years and have been a CNA for 4 years and just finished nursing school. I take my boards in mid august. Most people at work are extremely happy for me. But a few have changed toward me and are negative about everything. Especially this one nurse who has been an LPN for 7 […]

In Nys, I Can’t Pass My Pn Boards, Can I Work As A Cna?

I took my PN boards twice so far, and failed each time. I can’t afford to pay the $200 registration fee again to take them again yet. Can I just take the CNA test, without having to take the 4-6 weeks of training? We learned all that stuff in nursing school. Its very easy, I […]

question on work as a LPN?

i have a problem. I was a CNA 9 years ago. I worked at a nursing home at the time and used a phone from a resident without permmision. They put a flag on my certifi. and it shows up theft on my CNA record. they told me that I would never get it off […]

How do student loans work?

I’m looking to go to school for nursing and have no idea what student loans are available? I have a car note, rent and all the bills but I won’t be able to work full time while taking full time studies. (I have 2 children.) Are there any student loans that help with living expenses?

Is It Possible/legal To Work 2 Jobs As An Lpn Seperate Corporations?

I start school soon to be a LPN…. I know that nursing shift generally come in 3 12 hour shifts well I want to know if it is legal to work 3 12 hour shifts at one job say mon-wed and then thu-sat work at a different hospital/doctor’s office I know it’s probably a stupid […]