I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, i would like to become a nurse now (RN)?

I been looking online for any schools that would offer the RN program or even LPN but i haven’t been lucky, can anyone let me know if there’s any online schools, or if there’s any special program for people with a degree that i want to become an RN. Thanks! I live in Florida and […]

17 and would like to be a nurse?

Hi I am 17 yrs old I have my HS Diploma and would love to become a nurse. I have no degree and no college credits at the moment. I was wondering if there were online schools that would let me become a nurse. I havent been able to find any because all the programs […]

I Want To Start A Career in Medical but what would be best to just get my foot in the door and be easy for me?

im 18 years old a female and i really want to take care of the Elderly and there are NAC training classes and RN etc. but what do those all even Stand For i know some of them but not all of them? like for example NAC < RN, LPN etc etc. there are a […]

I Would Like To Find A School Of Nursing To Be An Lpn, Not An Rn?

BowlingGreen,Kentucky area, or Danville Kentucky areas only

Would it be best to get your LPN then get your RN, even if you go to a 2 yr college that offers RN degree?

Right now im in college i go to Nassau Community College. I’m only taking six credits and this is my second semester. I know nassau nursing program is very competitve. I also dont want to waste my money by waiting on the waiting list to get into the nursing program.

Would it be easier to get accepted into an LPN program or RN program?

Its very competitive to try getting accepted into an RN program. Would an LPN program be easier to get into to? And then after that I could transition into an RN program. How hard would it be to get into a LPN to RN transition program in Indiana once I get my LPN?

Hello I Would Like To Know If The Lpn Program At The University Of The District Of Columbia(udc) Is Accredited?

I am trying to take the LPN training at UDC, but I have heard people said that it’s not accredited. I am scared because I don’t want to waste my time and money to take it and then I can’t get hired. Can anyone gives me some advice please? Is it Accredited or not? If […]