Online LPN or Nursing program?

I have been on this computer for 2 days now. I am a married woman with 2 boys, who HAS to work full time, looking to go back to school, with very limited time. Was hoping to find an online school to help out with this, but ma hitting a wall. Does anyone know of any online schools where a busy mother and wife can help to better herself?

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  1. There are dozens of excellent programs from which to choose.
    For free information packs, go to

    Hope this helps.

  2. risa_0828 says:

    I can’t really say that I know of any on-line program for a health profession. Usually with nursing, you have to fulfill clinical hours at a hospital even to get certified to be an nurse assistant/patient care tech. Then fulfill the nursing courses by attending class and practicums as well as clinicals to better understand what you are learning in class. Then after passing your nursing curriculum you take your board exam, NCLEX. Once you pass your NCLEX, you get your nurse license and become a registered nurse, RN.

    With nursing, or most health professions you need the hands on experience to know and understand what your doing once your out there taking care of people’s physical health.

    I know if you obtain your Associate Degree in Nursing, you still are able to become a registered nurse, you can take courses, on-line or in the classroom, to obtain your Bachelor’s Degree. Because you’ve already been through 90% of the nursing cor curriculum, usually its just courses like, Nursing Research and Community Nursing, Nursing Ethics/Legal Issues that remain for an Assoc. Degree RN to complete.

  3. webdesigniscool says:

    Please try: They have lots of good information on various nursing degrees both Bachelors and Masters