online nursing programs without any prior lpn or nursing exp.?

I am looking for an online nursing program that doesnt require that you already have and LPN…or 50% of your clinicals….Is there any such program online
I want to do the clinicals. What i wanted was to find an online course that doesnt require that you already have an LPN or half of your clinicals already completed before starting the online program

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  1. celada b says:

    NO… there is no such thing as an online nursing course that does not require the clinicals because that is a HUGE part of becoming a nurse.

    If you are no more interested or determined to be a nurse than wanting to do the whole thing online, you had better find another field of work.

  2. slykitty62 says:

    Well, i suppose there might be if it was possible to nurse online… But since it really isn’t possible to learn all you need online, it is unrealistic of you to expect to find an entire nursing program taught online… Sorry.

  3. Why would you want to find a program that doesn’t require all the clinicals? You want to get into the best program possible with the options available to you, and you want the best education possible so that you can be the best nurse possible. Don’t half-a*s your way through anything; you’re only cheating yourself. And in this case, you’re cheating future patients out of getting the best care possible.

    If your issue is time, put that aside. You’ll actually save time (and lives) in the future by doing all the clinicals, so stop searching for a shorter program. It’ll actually only be a waste of time.

  4. laura n says:

    If there is such a school it would not be accredited and you would not qualify to sit for the NCLEX, make sure any school you go to is accredited and the state will allow you to sit for the NCLEX