LPN wanting to work at the ER-Is this possible?

i know that LPNs work at nursing homes, but i can see how boring that would get boring. Is there a specific name for a LPN that only works at the hospital or do we absolutely have to work at nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Lpn program that start in january or spring semester in new york?

Is there any place in new york that has an lpn program starting in the spring semeester or close to janurary

How Much Do Lpn Make In Oklahoma?

I am planning on going to school….I have to wait till next year because I am saving so I dont have to take out a loan just to go to school…I looked up one school and it says about 12-18 months for the program…does that sound right? I have never worked in the medical field […]

what is the process of becomeing a RN?

I am from Ohio near cleveland. I have my ged and would like to know the process in whitch you have to go through to become a RN. Now i hear that it is easier to become an LPN first than an RN..is that true? How long would it take in school if i went […]

I Have A Wisconsin Lpn Nursing License I Moved To North Carolina Can I Still Use My Wisconsin Nursing License?

Yes, Wisconsin is a compact state and so is North Carolina. Compact states recognizes nursing licenses from other states, and you don’t have to apply for a license in a compact state. Provided your license does not have any restrictions or disciplinary actions, it is valid in NC.


im thinking about pursuing nursing and i would like to know what part of nursing you like…..i want to be a rn and get my bsn but could i get my 4 year bacholer degree all at once or do u recommend me get my 2 year degree, work as a lpn and go back […]

How Much Does In Lpn Make In Kansas City?

how much does lpn make in kansas city missouri?