how hard is the NET nursing entrance test??

I want to become an LPN this is the test I have to take to get accepted. How hard is it? Any advices what are the things that I really need to know specially math. thanks and online, where can I FIND some examples of the test?

What is a smarter route to take, should I get my LPN to RN or go straight for my RN degree?

My ending goal is to be a L&D nurse. I’m 25 have 2 kids and I’m 5 months prego with my third (I know I might sound ambitious but this is a long term goal~ I’m hoping to get some advice on what RT I should take. Do I need my associates degree before I […]

Are There Any Lpn Schools In Connecticut?

go to goggle then type in LPN schools in Connecticut

I Need Some Advice. I Want To Begin A Lpn Career But Do Not Know What School To Go To.?

I also don’t know how much they get paid… can any LPN’s out there help me out?

Can An Lpn Legally Assess Patients In Arkansas?

I think they can as long as they are working with an RN or MD, based on the job ad: The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) collects patient /family information that assists the Registered Nurse in assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The LPN provides safe, effective care for assigned patients with the assistance and under the […]

is there any websites i can go to for free to practice for the LPN entrance exam ?

is there any websites i can go to for free to practice for the LPN entrance exam ? im looking forward to take the LPN exam soon , but i want to do some practice online i will be going to the library to see if they carry books i can practice in also by […]

My husband supports my dream, so why do I feel bad about it?

I always wanted to get my PhD, but I came from a poor upbringing so instead of going to college I went into the job field. (I did get into a 12mos training program and became an LPN) My husband has encouraged me to go back to school and is saying “Go for what you […]