Patient Care Technician or LPN in New York City?

I’ll be obtaining my Bachelors in Psychology next May. I want to obtain my Masters in a Physician Assistant program which requires direct-patient care experience for admission. Is the LPN profession better than Patient Care Technician when it comes to pay, workload and respect?

I am currently enrolled in a CNA/PCT class and would like to know if I should bother pursuing my LPN license afterwards.

I am contemplating signing up for a LPN program being sponsored at a local hospital which will begin in September 2009 – 2010. However, after the program is completed, I’ll be required to work for years until 2012.

While I would love the opportunity to provide care to patients in need, I am also concerned that starting PA school in/after 2012 is a long wait.

I know this is long and I am grateful to anyone who takes the time to help. Greatly appreciated.

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  1. Micah D says:

    yes it is worth pursing. a cna can only do patient contact like adls. an lpn can administer drugs, do treatments, and things like that. an lpn also gets paid much more. in reality if there is anyway possible i would all together skip the cna class and try to start in the lpn program sooner. it will be a bigger benefit and i think you will enjoy it much better than being a cna

  2. wagrown2 says:

    I think its a good Idea, you will make more money and more experience .good luck