Private student loan with no cosigner?

I want to go to a nursing school that is very costly, and I will need a big loan. The total tuition by the time I get my BSN will be over 0K. The problem is, I already know I won’t get any federal aid. I filled out the FAFSA and we are not eligible for ANYTHING. My parents are nurses so combined, they make six figures yearly. BUT. We are buried in debt and they have terrible credit. Their credit is so bad that their credit cannot even be ran through. Since federal aid is not an option, I will have to resort to a private loan… but private student loans usually requires a cosigner, and I have nobody available to do that. So how do I get a private student loan worth 0K without a cosigner?

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  1. you may not be eligible for grants or work study but YOU ARE eligible for federal loans when applying through FAFSA. whether or not you choose to go the loan route is up to you.

    not going to happen, sorry.

    there are a *TON* of nursing scholarships available to students and various other scholarship opportunities that you should research. if anything, you can always work PT (or FT if possible) while you go to school. maybe deciding to go to a school that is cheaper (at least for your first two years) would be an option to think about.

    OH! i forgot to mention, there is also state aid available (in the form of grants/scholarships) that could help you out some.