Promotion to E-2 or E-3?

Hey everyone,

I’m an LVN/LPN going into the Army as a health care specialist (68w). I just finished the future soldier training online classes and I referred somebody successfuly, however I haven’t gotten my promotion yet. What really bothers me is that the friend I referred in the military didn’t go to school in the US and she got promoted to E-3 and she doesn’t even have a clue why. I’m beginning to think that my recruiter(s) didn’t really get into looking at my transcripts because I did take some classes to get to LVN/LPN… Anyway my real question is, can I really get a promotion just by finishing and passing the future soldier classes online? And when exactly do I get promoted after my referral has already enlisted at MEPS?

I’m asking online because I don’t want to rely completely on what my recruiter(s) tell me.

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