Question About The Navy Reserve?

I am going into the navy reserves as a e-3 thanks to ROTC. I am signing a 6 year contract for MA. I know that it is difficult to go to C school right after A school but do you need to normally be a E-5 before going to C school? Also while in the reserves I plan on attending college on the side and getting my BA in Nursing ( I am currently only a LPN) I would like to re-enlist active duty after i serve my 6 years and go in as a officer.I was unable to get in as a HM due to being female and it being filled so will be being MA then going in as a Nurse (RN) active later on matter..or will i have to re-enlist as MA? Any advice please =)

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  1. Navy Sailor - GAI says:

    You will have to have your RN in from an accredited program with very good grades. Then you will need to apply for the Navy Nurse Corps and if your package is accepted you will become an officer in the Navy. Talk to a Navy Career Couselor when you get to your first command.

  2. I think the Navy reserve has the same rules as the Army. In the Army, you have to be an officer to be an RN.

  3. Obama Lied Grandma Died says:

    Depending on your rate, rank shouldn’t be an issue with C School. As an FC, I went to C School as an E2, right after A School, and graduated as an E3. Of course, a C School was required for my rate and was part of my contract with the government for the service.

  4. Why not join the Army reserve as a Medic? They have a simultaneous program where you are in a reserve unit and in Nursing school at the same time, Once you get your Nursing Degree, You will be commissioned as a 2LT.