Question on 68 Whiskey Mike 6?

I am joining the Army and leave next month for BCT at Ft Leonard Wood, then am going to Ft Sam Houston to complete Medical/Health Specialist Training (18 weeks) and M6 Training afterward (44 weeks). My job title is 68 Whiskey Mike 6. I was told this is the equivalent to a civilian LPN. What can I expect during training? Can anyone tell me what a typical day is like? And what is Ft Sam Houston like? Also, since I will still be in training, is there no leave time once I start AIT? I know I’ll be able to come home for a few days after BCT before leaving for Texas, but the 68W training ends and M6 begins one right after the other, so for those 62 weeks will I be pretty much staying put? One other thing… I am going to be a reservist, so once I’m back home, will I basically just have to finish a year’s worth of school to finish my RN from the LPN?

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  1. Well my buddy is a 68W. He got some time off after basic but during AIT he didn’t. I think he like Sam Houston the area is pretty nice there. You can expect one of two things at AIT an easy time or a really tough time. It all depends on what platoon you are in.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Please do not think that you will just have a year to finish your RN. It does not work that way. You will still have to go through all of the required civilian training for your rn which generally requires either an associates degree (2 year) or a bachelors degree (4 year). Some of your training may give you some elective credits in college but not much more. Did you know that you can train to become a lpn through job corps for free and that they can also put your through nursing school for free and they provide job placement.