Question on LPN to BSN?

I am in school for MA right now, our homework assignment is to make a goal of where we want to be at in 5 years. Once I graduate I want to become an LPN and further that to RN through a BSN. I am trying to find out an estimated tuiton cost and how many years to school is from an LPN to BSN. Can anyone help me? I live in Tennessee but I am just looking for an EDUCATED estimate. Please, no one just guessing at this.
Ok, I have looked everywhere I can find online, and no one tells you. It’s getting a bit old and repetitive. And the fact that I simply asked for answers, not to be criticized is old too!

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  1. Imjustsayin? says:

    why don’t you call a nursing call and find out instead of posting questions on yahoo!

  2. What I would do (rather than have someone do this for you) is look online for a program in your area that offers this and scroll through the web site & get the info Straight from the source. Since this is just an assignment, it doesn’t need to be a program you want to attend, just one for the info. That way, you will gain some insight about this for when you want to do this.