Seeking professional advice as to if I should become a CNA, LPN, RN with an associates or a bachelors?

I currently have two years of college under my belt, taking classes specifically geared toward nursing. I got accepted to a University in Maine but didn’t make it into the nursing program.
At this point I am still looking to become a nurse, but to either chip away at classes slowly while getting a lower paying job (like a CNA or LPN) or look into getting trained by a potential future employer.
I was wondering if anyone had any experience or direction to point me in.
I really appreciate anyone taking the time to help me out. I only hope I will be able to give someone else advice once I know what I am doing.

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  1. Take the LPN course first. Then after a year take the nursing test and you should be fine. The experience will help you a lot.

  2. versantly says:

    finish your pre reqs and get your BSN.

  3. Keep plugging away at your general ed. courses and reapply to the RN program, or look into other schools’ RN programs. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If your goal is to become an RN, don’t give up and settle. Work hard, explore your options. Good luck.