should he get out?

my husband is a electrician mate in the navy. he wants to end his svc (re-enlistment comes in Feb of ’08) he doesnt have a degree yet or his electrician certificate. he is about to go out on deployment starting may 18th and he wont return until Nov. I am afraid for him to get out because we have 2 children, I am an LPN wanting to go back to school to get my RN. And I thought it would be better for us to both have our degrees before he gets out. but i dont want him to be unhappy either (and there is so much going on right now, i fear that too-you know that he might have to serve in OEF/OIF). we live on base now (so much easier than the civilian world) what if he doesnt get a decent job? i am unsure if we can survive on just my income (i am not even full-time at this time but i am willing to apply for full time if necessary ) should he stay in and get a degree first/at least his certification? PLEASE HELP. what should we do?

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  1. Whatup??? says:

    This is not Dr. Phil.

  2. your husband needs to make sure that he can support you guys before he gets out, a lot of guys will get out of the military for some thankless civilian job that they are getting paid less to do, he needs to get some sort of degree from the military before he gets out, my husband is getting his but he wants to stay in but he wants me to be able to have the security of not having to work if i don’t want to, whenever we decide to have kids i know i’m not working, i want to be able to take care of my children and not have to throw them in to a day care

  3. i think he should stay, until you both have your degree’s.

  4. notnbutlov says:

    I suggest stay in and keep getting orders on a ship or get stationed to a navy hospital like Bethesda, San Diego, Bremerton, Portsmouth.

  5. from another person in the navy. he should stay in. he really needs to get his certs. he can do a program called journeyman. it basically is recognized across the nation as proof of his electrian abilities. i have been recruiting for 4 years and have seen many people come back in my office. 3-12 months after getting out saying that the civilian world sucked and they wanted to get back in more than anything.

    what allot service men and women dont realize is the financial benifit to staying in. they take for granted the medical, 30 days vacation, housing and such. especially if you are living in base housing. he needs to think about the fact that living out in town is not cheap. and this time you will be paying the bills. my neighboors have been paying almost 400 a month in electricity alone. most people pay anywhere from 250-600 a month for family medical insurance. and even then they are on a 80-20 split. where they have to pay 20 percent of all medical bills.

  6. Yes He should stay till he get his degree, and the government will help you both till you earn that RN Degree, and it looks better on his resume that completed his time with the Milltary, you should really talk to hime about that so that He could really think things out! More Money in the Home!

  7. wibelle37 says:

    Fear over him being deployed aside …

    I think he should stay in until both of you have your degrees. From a standpoint of providing for your family – things will be all that much easier if you can wait. Also from a standpoint of providing from your family – God forbid that your husband is killed, but you and your children will be able to continue with the military medical care and benefits. If you remarry, you will lose the benefits, but your children will not – not until they are 18 years old.

    I’ve been there done that – on both sides of the coin. I’m prior service (Army medic), and served in the first Persian Gulf War. I was also married to an Army officer for several years, and suffered through several of his deployments.

    Hang in there; and *hugs* to you both.

  8. cjwhalen64 says:

    Sounds like he has not been making full use of his time. He could make huge progress on his degree while on deployment and by taking advantage of several college and education programs. I got my degree after1 deployment and a few night classes while at homeport. If he has more than 8 years in, he should stick it out and go for 20. Also, if he reenlists, he could negotiate orders and sounds like he is due for shore duty. Shore duty is a perfect time for continuing education. Another thing to think about: A military pension keeps a roof over your head while you decide your next career move.

  9. He needs to think about this and not emotionally after a bad day or whatever. You need a job prior to getting out and he needs to make about 140% of what he is making right now just to make ends meet. In my area of the country – we have 9% unemployment and with no degree and no certification he would have a hard time finding a job.

    All that being said, he should network with friends who have gotten out. Get with people where you want to live and have them start looking for a job for him.

    Thanks for serving.

    There is nothing so stupid as the educated man if you get him off the thing he was educated in. – Will Rogers

  10. Base housing, steady pay and all of the other benefits? The education benefits that he has now?

    For one you have 2 kids. What kind of job is he going to get that will provide full medical? None and its not cheap.

    If he needs to go to school who is going to pay for that?

    He is a man with a family…. that comes first before inconvienience or not liking work. He could change his situation if he reupps.

  11. Not having a degee in todays market is tough.
    Believe me, base living is alot easier then off base. My kids were better off on base.

    My husband and I chose for him to remain in for 20. We have 6.5 years to go. He has been to Iraq 3 times in the last 4 years. Being military isn’t easy. It isn’t supposed to be.
    Perhaps changing to another branch of the military would work for him.

    He still may have to go to Iraq. They will send him and then he would return when his enlistment date is up. I see that alot.

    If he gets out you have to be able to survive. Can you do that?
    Right now you don’t have to worry about dental or medical. When he gets out you will need to especially as you have children. Can you set yourselves up off base in a home with everything that is due at signing…Water, electric, trash etc…

    It is a tough call and one you will both need to decide on.
    Good luck.

  12. wingshooter08 says:

    Stay in and get your certificate and degrees. Serving in OEF/OIF on board a ship isn’t so bad, it’s not like he is in a foxhole on the frontline!