Should I be LPN or an RN? Just Graduated High School?

I’m not sure which degree I should go for…RN or LPN? I’m not a big blood person, but the medical field for pregnancies have always interested me, and I can handle that stuff. However, I only want to go to school for a bachelors degree. RN?LPN?or any other bachelors that deals with the medical feild im interested in??
SO if i was to do RN, could i do both LPN and RN or would i be overqualified for LPN?

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  1. LPN is typically a one year course, and your employment options will be limited. You can be an RN with a 2-year or a 4-year degree.

  2. Most Hospitals only hire RN’s these days it would be in your best benefit to become an RN, more jobs, and more money =D, same amount of work

  3. LPN doesnt have a degree just a certificate. You can get your associate or bachelor degree in nursing. The pay wouldnt be any different. ADN is more clinical and BSN is if you want to go into management. To get your foot in the door, go for adn. Also you can get credentials added to that either before you graduate or a little after graduation. That should help.

  4. supermashed_bro says:

    LPN’s maybe limited but you will find a job regardless.. just not at a hospital.. mostly nursing homes and other health care settings hire LPN’s. Hospitals usually hire RN’s and CNA’s

    If your looking to find work right away get your LPN.. if u think you can wait a few more years get your RN. Of course the RN program is a bit tougher and longer but it is worth it.

    not only that but you can start out as an LPN and then become a RN later.. there are LPN - RN bridge programs.

    up to you. Math and Science is a big thing when it comes to getting your RN so expect a tough load of classes.. LPN’s highest math is Algebra 2