Should I continue a nursing career?

I am a single mother of 3 young girls. I have 6 more weeks left of lpn school, which are basically a formality, we just have to complete an additional 15 clinical days. I have been excepted to the RN program at our school which would begin in August. I am just really unsure about what option are out there. I was interested in becoming a nurse practitioner, but would have to complete another 4 years of schooling for this. One nurse suggested that I look into becoming a PA. Does anyone know the basic differences between a PA and Nurse practitioner as far as functioning capabilities and also schooling and pay?

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  1. From what I hear, nurses make about 30-35/hour (here in Detroit) and a PA around 70, but PA classes can run around $800 per credit… about the same amount of schooling though…

  2. cupid's angel says:

    i think the anwser to this question totally lies wit u… its ur ambitions and ur dreams..u can’t let someone else let shape ur dreams…

  3. historyman_of_sa says:

    Well I don’t think so. Because when u work in hospital then u have to clean the older people body and when some patient die u have to remove the body from the hospital and u don’t want that would u.