Should I Get Out Of The Navy Or Stay In?

I have beeen in the Navy for 5 Years this July. Im a Hospital Corpsman (like a LPN/LVN). I have been to Iraq twice and served with the Marines. I enjoy my job at times but feel I have lost alot of my freedoms. Im gay so I have to play by the “dont ask dont tell” rules.

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  1. I think you need to figure out what’s more important to you – your job or your personal life. You can probably find the same kind of job in the civilian world. Maybe you get paid better in the navy in the long run, and maybe your job security there is better. Your pension is definetly better and you can retire at an early age and start living a second life exactly the way you want to.
    You are losing out on your freedoms. Not just being gay, it’s a lot more than that. Some people need that kind of structure – knowing what they are going to wear, what they are going to do, they don’t need to put a second thought into a lot of things.
    And then, of course, there is the risk of being in the military during wartime.

  2. The Foosaaaah says:


  3. i think u should stay in the navy

  4. Man born in Reynosa. says:

    If you leave, you are going to miss looking at naked and shirtless guys who are in very good shape everyday.

  5. Christ Doc….you’re in the military…what freedoms did you expect? I spent 5 years in the Corps and although it was a great experience it was a pain in the a** because they’d always have a general coming from somewhere to make sure that your name was stamped in the right place on your skivvies.
    Of course…being a corpsman with a Marine unit isn’t as nice as sitting on a missle frigate in the middle of the Med but hey….if you like it than stick around. Maybe a ship assignment is in your future.

  6. if u want to die..stay.

  7. What are your goals and does the military provide an opportunity to reach them? For your profession,i believe that money wise getting out is the best option. Peace be with you.

  8. i’m a former navy sailor and i’m not going to **** you like our recruiters did in the beginning it was hard for me but now i’m good i’ve been out 2 years and have no regrets at all f*** the pension think of your sanity and family.

  9. go

  10. Based on your statements above, it appears you are no longer comfortable in the Navy. If that is the case, I recommend getting out. Your rate will enable you to land a job in the medical field immediately, where you will most likely earn more than you would in the Navy. Life is too short to be miserable. Best of luck to you.

  11. meredith o says:

    stay..what are you going to do if you get out??

  12. dirty birdie says:

    If your gay you should definately get out

  13. Stay mate, better pension, able to retire at an earlier age

  14. I would leave and find a job that you enjoy more and where you can express you sexuality. Good Luck!

  15. you new about the don’t ask don’t tell before u joined why would it matter now i say stay but u have to make that decision yourself

  16. get out while you can, Bush is gonna kill all the troops eventually, sending you all on suicide missions

  17. if you have a solid PLAN then you should get out only if you don’t like getting deployed and being away from civilization for long periods of time. as for as retirement is concerned, with your MOS you can get out and still get a good job with full benefits, because i got out the army after 4 years and 2 deployments and found a job paying commissions and fully benfits!

  18. you served your country, you did your job you have sacrificed being your self, and living the way you know you were meant to live! If you feel like you have accomplished you mission, then it is your turn to relax, just remember, if you leave and you are open with everyone you cant go back, you can serve any more! You need to make a life mission and follow through, the mission come first and being stationed with Marines you know that! Semper Fi, boat man, not only to the country, but to yourself!

  19. If you stay in the navies you’ll do a much better career out or yourself but always with consequences so thats something that you really have to think about.