Should I go for my LPN certificate or jus go for my RN degree?

I’m a stay at home mom as of right now, I graduated high school but never attended any college before. I have 2 kids (3 yrs and 8 months) I really want to become a nurse but I’m not all that good with science. My husband says that I should start out as a lpn to see if its the field for me and then move up to a rn. But I’m wondering if I should just go for my rn and get it over with all at once and plus the pay is good, or just go for lpn being that I have kids and all.

Is the work load going to be too much with 2 kids to tend to?
How much does it cost? I need help please.

Oh and by the way I will be attending a 2 yr college.
Oh and I also plan on homeschooling my children so with all oif that being said is it still possible?
And also how should i arrange my classes since everyone is saying to do my science classes by themselves and last because they are the most difficult?

I will have to take the following prerequisites:
Anatomy & Physiology I & II
Medical Terminolgy
General Psychology
English I
The lpn program that I’ll be taking only cost a lil over 3,000 dollars.

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  1. go for your BSN degree.

    Aim high, aim to have license as a Nurse.

    Working load in Nursing is toxic, shifting hours is unpredictable.

  2. Get the RN, you’ll be happy you did later. The more you wait, the harder it is.

  3. Go for it all. No matter what career you go for, you will have to pay for child care so make sure you have something you can afford to do that with. RNs make excellent money and it is a very rewarding career. The work load will vary. If you don’t do this, you will always be saying ” I should have done it”

  4. I’d go for the RN straight away. Mainly because it is something you want to go for eventually, so you might as well start now and cut out that LPN middle man. Besides, I looked into a couple LPN programs and they are just as expensive as an associates in Nursing - RN program would be. You’ll get more money as an RN, too.

    As far as the cost goes.. it will probably cost about 12,500 for the program (not including books and other materials and equipments.) So, maybe about 15,000 overall. However, all schools are different. This is what my school would probably cost.

    Take your time. Since you have never taken any college classes, start off with 3 or 4 classes (or whatever is reasonable to you.) Perhaps you could start with the gen eds: Eng Comp, Psychology, etc. These classes are pretty doable. The hardest ones (so far) in the gen eds for me have been anatomy & physiology. It will be tough, but you can get into the groove. You will have to work hard and practice good time management. You will learn to get in study time during your kids’ naptimes, bedtimes, etc.

    Much luck!

  5. Well, if you haven’t taken a general biology course, you should take that before you start on A&P or micro. It will build a better understanding of those other courses when you get there. I would also take Med. Terms before you take A&P, it will help. English and Psych are pretty easy (I thought) so those could be taken together or take one of them with your science courses.

    If you are interested in nursing, I’d just go for the RN. But, a lot depends on how well you do on these pre-reqs and how competative your school is for entry. Some people have better luck getting into LPN programs and then LPN to RN bridge programs because they are usually not as impacted as the RN programs. Don’t get discouraged if you cannot get in the first year you apply – it happens to many many people. If you want to be a nurse bad enough you will keep reapplying until you get accepted.

    Your children are still little, so there isn’t any worrying about homeschooling just yet while you’re in school. If you complete all your non-nursing courses for your degree ahead of time then only have the nursing courses to do once you’re accepted, it will be more managable and you’ll have more time at home.

    Once you’re working as a nurse you can pick and choose the job that will meet your needs in terms of scheduled hours, you don’t have to work full-time if you don’t want to. Many women choose nursing because we have families and want a lot of time at home. It’s very flexible.

    Good luck to you!

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