Should I go straight for Rn associates degree or LPN degree first? TTC for 1 1/2 yrs?

am 28 yrs old, married & no kids. My husband & I were trying to conceive for 1 1/2 yrs with no luck. We both have been to the doctor & found out Im the problem. The doc said my ovulatin glevels were low but could be fixed with meds. Recently we decided to hold off on a baby so I can go to school to get a medical degree. I had orginally thought to go straight for the RN assoicates degree wich would probaly take me about 3-4 years with all the prereqs. But if I go for LPN it would take me not even half the time. The reason I would go for LPN is because the amount of time it would take for RN. If I was younger & did not have fertilty issues it would be a no brainer but since I have this problem I thought maybe to go for LPN to get my feet wet in the industry to make sure its really for me which i think it is. Get a job as a LPn then try to get pregnant. After I get pregnant continue working as a LPN & then while doing that I can go back to school to become an RN. Ii am s o stressed about this becasue I want to make the right choice. What would be my best bet?

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  1. well when i was thinking about nursing school i was going to go for LPN first but considering that nurses make more for just going to school for a little bit more then half the time of lpn i figured i would do that. i think what you are saying sounds better though. go get your LPN and work in that field to see if you like it (they do almost everything nurses do) and if you do like it you can always continue school later. if not you can always change your job without having incurred the costs of going through nursing school just to find that you don’t like it.
    i think your idea is best

  2. Jenn:TTC#1 after 3 m/c says:

    I would say apply to both and which ever one you get accepted in go for that one. It is very hard to get into Nursing school these days because due to economy it seems like a lot of people are going for Nursing degrees.I also had put off having a baby so I can go back to school and I applied to nursing school last year (BSN) with a 4.0 GPA and was not accepted. I applied again this yr and I dont know what’s gonna happen. If you get in for both take the RN even though it’s harder at least you wont have to go back for it.

    Good luck to you

  3. Hey hun!!!! If I were you I would go RIGHT FOR YOUR RN!!!!! RN’s make more money ect ect I am sure you know the drill!!!! Trust me and in a few years they are going to require an RN to have a BSN not Associates So GO FOR IT!!!!! GOOD LUCK HUN!!!!

    * I tried to go the route of MA-RN. I wish I just went for the RN to begin with cuz now I am pregnant and want to stay at home with the baby when its born!!! So Ill go back to school in a few years!!!

  4. Rachel G says:

    I recommend getting your RN. Hospitals across America are gradually wanting more RNs and laying off their LPNs. When I was in nursing school (for RN, BSN) I was told that the LPN job would be extinct within the span of our careers. Once you finally have your child, you won’t want to be working and going back to school to get your RN. Take care and good luck!