Should I quit my job, or try to wait and see if things get better?

So back in July i took a position at my workplace (I’m an LPN at a nursing home) In which I have more responsibility, and am basically doing some of the office nurse work one day per week as well as doing all of the skin measurements weekly (basically I am the skin/treatment nurse every monday) I began this job the 2nd week in july with only one week of minimal on the job training…i was never really taught what to do in this position, just got the basics. the facility i work at did not have a policy and procedure manual for me to reference. In the beginning of September we had our state survey and we got deficiencies because of some of the things I was not taught and did not know to do, but i was the one held responsible for these. now i am under a microscope as the state will be back soon to check and make sure things are being correctly now, well today a sheet proving that i had measured a wound every ( and proved to the state surveyors that i WAS doing my job) came up missing out of a three ring binder that everyone in the facility has access to, immediately i was the one held responsible for this being missing. i was basically told i HAD to find it or i would be in huge trouble when the state came back to check on our deficiencies. eventually i did find this missing paper and I WAS NOT the person who misplaced it, I don’t feel that the administration was in any way fair to me in saying it was my fault before knowing the facts. Anymore i just dread going to work, i am in a bad mood all the time, and today i just broke down and bawled my eyes out in the med room in the middle of my shift, i cringe when my phone rings thinking it may be my job. What should i do, any advice should i stick it out and try to work with my DON and the administration to get past all of this or should i just pack it up and move along…any constructive advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. Look for a job, if you have other job now, quit it (if this is your second job), but if not just look for one and when you do find it, quit this one!!!

  2. There are plenty of nursing jobs out there. Go find another. If the state comes in and cracks down hard, it’s sounds like you’re the one best suited for your supervisors to throw under the bus.

  3. Heer Saleti says:

    It sucks. I went through a similar situation. I decided it wasn’t worth my time or the money to go through that everyday and moved on. It depends on your situation. Do you have enough financial security to quit this job while you look for another one. Or do you want to continue working here until you find something better and then quit. Or is there any way you can communicate your concerns to someone at the job. Oh, wanted to help but don’t think i did but good luck.

  4. dwannolsen says:

    I hate that you’re having to deal with all of that. WHEW!
    I’m a big proponent of making sure you LOVE what you do.
    Being passionate about a position, makes it worth working.
    However, when you dread going into work, you make it bad for yourself and others.
    I would say it’s time to prepare and exit strategy, ASAP. Do some research and call around to the different health care facilities and do random surveys with LPN’s to determine what place may be a good fit for you.
    In the meantime, if you DON and Administration are approachable, I would say you definitely want to speak with them. Ask for an official meeting and lay out your concerns. But, remember, this is only if they’re approachable. If they’re part of the problem, it’s not wise to approach them now. As a matter of fact, that’s when you prepare and official exit letter for your file, once you put in your notice.
    So, the bottom line: YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AT WORK.
    Everyone does. Unfortunatley, many people suffer through for years, only to realize, they’ve wasted precious time.
    Mindy, go with your gut and do what’s best for you. Be strong remember: “have serenity to accept the things you cannot change, courage to change the things you can and the WISDOM to know the difference.”

  5. Why would you quit your job now? I know so many people out of work.
    Hang in there if your that unhappy. Look for something why you have a job. Keep your head up and let them let you go then. Think about writing a letter to a hirer up regarding your 2nd part. I would.

  6. Try to hang in there. Job is scarce right now. Till you can find another one, let this incident go and just do your job. For me, I love my job, but the workload is too much. I am staying put hoping it might improve one day, if still not then am out.