To anyone who is an LPN or knows a lot about the job?

What do LPN’s do everyday for their job if you work in a hospital? If you work in a nursing home or anywhere else? I would like to go to school to be an LPN but would like a little more information about what my job would be like after college, coming from someone that has been an LPN. I’d like to work in a hospital. What all are you able to do and what jobs are available to you once you get your degree and are licensed?? Thanks to anyone that can help!

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  1. traceysinbox says:

    Us LPN’s are both the backbone and gruntwork of nursing. Depending on your place of employment, you can prove your skills and competence to take on more tasks. In a nursing home, you will be limited to the back breaking work with little input to the care of the residents. Basic duties, bathing, changing, feeding, transfers, toileting. In a hospital, there is always the grunt work, but with good RN’s at your side who establish your capabilities, you may be able to venture to other duties that are kinda cool. You can not ‘dispense’ meds, you may be able to ‘assist’ the patient in takingthem. In a doctors office, you may have more room to spread your wings and have a bit more input, depending on the size of the practice. Of course, you eliminate the bathing, toileting and feeding of the patients. Also, in nursing homes, turnover of patients is slow in comparison to a hospital or doctors office, so each day will be slightly fresh so to speak.

  2. super682003 says:

    My grandma was an LPN at a nursing home for 30 years, and her daily duties were supervising CNA’s, writing prescriptions for patients meds with a doctors authorizations, monitoring the residents’s vital signs such as pulse, breathing, etc.

  3. MISS-MARY says:

    You will be very employeable. There is a shortage of nurses and it’s getting worse. A lot of hospital nursing is medical documentation and note taking as well to meet all government and legal requirements for the hospital and the job in case of malpractice or reviews. you can work in the ER, you can specialize in OR or be a floor nursein general medical care or work on the Surgery floor, work with Dr.’s in a private office practice, In a nursing home, private care in peoples homes private duty, home health. administrative work if you get training for that. It is really endless. School nurses. Occupational nursing for large companies, factories and such. It’s really interesting and you can choose from a lot of areas. You can also make a lot of money.