Waiting lists for Chicago nursing schools?

Do the colleges in Chicago have waiting lists for nursing school? In Michigan where I live all of the colleges (community mostly) have outrageous waiting lists, or are extremely competetive. Just to be an LPN the list is 3.5 years. For RN associate’s degree it is 5-6! It’s extremely frustrating and I plan to move to Chicago anyways, but I am hoping there may be a difference! Might I be better off getting my BSN anyway?

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  1. Yes, waiting lists are everywhere. But, guess what, Joliet Junior College just opened up their waiting list. They did an update on their list and remove lots of names because many people either did not get into the programs (due to course requirements not being taken or passed) or some were disinterested altogether (as it takes many years to enter the nursing programs). So, I would try Joliet Junior College in Joliet, IL. It is cheaper, just as good as any other Chicago area nursing school (if not better), convenient, and smaller than the usual programs. I have a friend who just entered and is taking the prereqs for the program. Good luck!

    Here is the site for more information: http://www.jjc.edu

  2. Check out Lewis University in Romeoville. My daughter got in there last year without any trouble at all. That’s just south of Joliet, and the dorms are real good too.

  3. webdesigniscool says:

    Please try: http://www.nursingmasters.com They have lots of good information on various nursing degrees both Bachelors and Masters

  4. KodeNmKidzNxtDoor says:

    try northpark university…