Wanting to become an LPN, I don’t have my CNA’s will that effect it any?

I’m starting college in January and I have to take OST classes because it was too late to get into the Practical Nursing Program (LPN)

The lady over the LPN program’s wasn’t avaliable to talk, I’m curious as to what I NEED to start taking college courses in August for Practical Nursing (LPN), Do I have to have my CNA’s before becoming an LPN?

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  1. yngblkbeau says:

    It depends on the college that you will be attending. Some require that you are a CNA before you can enroll in nursing courses, others don’t. If no one at the school is available to speak with you on the phone you could research the prerequisites on the school’s website.

  2. It would not be a bad idea to become a CNA and work as one part time your employer may help with school.