We Are Married With 3 Lil Girls…what Branch Of The Army Would Be Good For My Hubby? He Is An Lpn….?

Or is it even a good idea at all???
Would he work on base…Or could they even guarantee it?

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  1. I am a LPN. I joined the Army about 2 years ago and got all my nursing training through the Army. You husband will more than likely be placed in a hospital, but can also be placed with a combat support hospital. It is not guaranteed, but thats probably what will happen…
    If he joins the Airforce or Navy they cannot guarantee an LPN job….they can place him in a medical field, but his job won’t be guaranteed to him when he signs the cortract…The army is way better at guaranteeing things….
    The training that your hubby will do is basic training (9weeks) and then AIT for a medic (16weeks in San Antonio)….after that he will skip the LPN program after showing proper certificates and go straight to working as an LPN at a duty station….If he has a Nationally certified EMT-B license he will skip the first 8 weeks of AIT…
    O and “Core-men” as stated above are not nurses…they are medics/CNA type people….

  2. The person who gave you your 3rd answer is an idiot the Army Navy Marines Air force and even Coast guard all get paid the same . Now is it a good idea for your husband to join the service, probably not. He would still have to go to basic training and the odds of him going to Iraq are pretty high he probably wouldn’t be on the front lines but he’d still have to be away for a year. Add in the fact that soldiers don’t make that much money and to support a family of 4 on a lower enlisted soldiers pay I wouldn’t want to do it. He can make more money in the civilian world and will be able to spend more time with you and your kids. Oh yeah if he becomes a combat medic he’s goona be on the front lines with me sending bullets down range and he stands just as good of a chance of getting shot as me

  3. i wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t want him to have to go to a war zone or be in danger and unable to regularly see/communicate with you & your girls. my uncle is in his early 30′s, married & father of 3 young kids, and he is in a medical marines unit. they just sent him back to Afghanistan (2nd time) & he is on Shock Trauma Platoon working closely to provide prompt resuscitative measures for those wounded in combat. ie, he is very close to dangerous situations. he can email family occasionally depending where they’re stationed but not always. also he sees his fellow marines die with regularity. i am proud of him and love him, he is a great person and originally joined to help support his family. it is sad that he has to be away from them and i worry often for his safety.
    best of luck to you and your family!

  4. First of all, i think you are asking what branch of the armed forces would he be best in….and let me tell you, none of them, especially right now!!
    I was in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Electrician and had many friends who were Core-man (nurses). And they are never safe from being sent into harms way. I had some friends who were sent straight over to Iraq.
    You are never garaunteed shore duty (being on a base). Especially since we are involved in SO many operations in SO many countries right now. There is a rotation of so much shore duty to so much sea time.
    Don’t risk it, especially since you have 3 little ones! If you didn’t marry into the lifestyle, it is a huge adjustment! I was in the Navy and married somebody else who is in the Navy knowing the ramifications and it was still a hard thing for both of us!
    And don’t believe what a recruiter promises you! I was promised quite a few things (along with many other people i knew in the service) that were definately NOT true!
    My advice to you is contact a base (whether army, navy, airforce, or marines) and talk to somebody who is IN that position, not a recruiter. If you talk to the person candidly, you will find more information than any recruiter could ever give you.
    Another piece of advice, this war isn’t going to end anytime soon, so think about that as well.
    Good luck!!

  5. if he has a 4 year Nursing degree, any Branch would take him as an Officer. if he doesn’t, then he can enlist and work his way up, but as an LPN his duties would be extremely limited enlisted.
    he can and would be sent anywhere needed..to include a combat zone.
    HOWEVER: that being said, with 4 dependents he cannot enlist..he has too many kids. he MIGHT get a waiver if he could snag a commission.

  6. Well, the Army is the only branch that will let him in with 4 dependents. The military is a good life but with so many children you will find it quite hard money wise. I;m sure you are working as well but can your fam ily survive with his pay being around $800 every two weeks? It’s not much at all. My hubby’s an E-4 and we only have ONE child and it gets very hard for us!

  7. I would recommend the navy. Given that the current war in Iraq is mostly a land war, he stands the best chance of all branchs of surviving and coming home in one piece.

  8. It’s not, knowing they will probably send him out to a under developed country and get him stomp all over it then leave and declare victory just before the survivors have to surcum to eating there own dead.

  9. Airforce. army men deploys to much. airforce makes more money and have a better career afterwards.

  10. The Army?
    Do you really want your husband helping kill people?