What are some of the different jobs in nursing/medical ?

I want to eventually get into nursing or medical assistant.

I need to look up all the different kinds of positions so I can decide which one I most desire, and what kind of schooling I need. So far I know there are MA ( medical assistant ) LPN ( Licensed P ?? Nurse??) and RN ( registered nurse ) . If anyone has a list and what they are that would rock.. or any additional information is greatly appreciated.

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  1. http://www.USAJOBS.gov This is the main site for jobs with the federal government. You think of nursing as associated with the hospital, the Department of Agriculture Rural Housing office is looking for a nurse in the DC area. How about being an inflight nurse with the FAA? There are hundreds of jobs in any state in just his one profession.

  2. hillcountryecs says:

    Try http://www.discovernursing.com. Nurses at all levels work in a variety of positions from public health education, to insurance evaluations, to doctor’s offices/hospitals, to midwifery, to independent practice as a nurse practitioner, to college/university teaching, etc.

    Best of luck!

  3. Danni R. says:

    Ahwww… do I have a great reference web site for you!!!! Everything is nicely explained at the web site I will give you at the very bottom of this post (plus suggested schools). But first….

    You are right. There is the MA (medical assistant), LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and RN (Registered Nurse) with many more interesting health careers to go… from phlebotomist, to medical billing and coding specialist, to medical illustrator, to translator.

    Medical assisting is best described as interesting, challenging, and highly rewarding. In addtition there are many other related allied health professions that medical assistants may find attractive and worth taking a closer look into.

    Many experienced medical assisatant elect to crosstrain or transition into these related fields they move on and up the career ladder. Some of them may combine their practical knowledge with their creative skills and become a medical illustrator, freelance copywriter and author, or educator. Others may apply their talents in areas such as medical transcription, medical coding and billing, phlebotomy, or as medical translators.