What are the minimum education requirements for psychiatric nurses?

The state is Iowa.

I am going to be attending an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) certification course at a local community college in the near future. This course lasts about a year and a half, and upon completion I will be placed on the state LPN registry. Although, unlike the two year college course, I won’t obtain an actual college degree.

Many of you may be wondering why I don’t just take the college course, and the answer is because I am extremely terrible at math. Right now, as far as the government is concerned, I have the same skills as a tenth-grader.

So for a guy like me (yes, I’m going to be a male nurse) it makes more sense to just complete the program more quickly since I would have to be in school for years and years to catch up in mathematics, and I simply do not have the time or resources to pursue that route.

I already know that I can get hired on as a regular LPN and make a half-way decent salary. The only problem is that I wanted to specialize in mental health. Are there any certification/internship courses that can help me specialize in psychiatrics, do you think I could land a job in that field with just LPN certification, or am I just SOL?

Thank you for reading that book I just wrote, but if you have any ideas/suggestions/advice I would also greatly appreciate that, too.

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  1. I think LPNs can get jobs in psychiatric units and facilities.