What careers are available for someone with a Masters in Nursing??

Ok I have been doing some research. If someone is already a Registered Nurse making decent money, why would they want to pursue their Masters in Nursing? I am wondering what career changes the Masters degree can offer. What different positions can you get with a Masters degree that you can not with a Bachelors? Thanks
No not a nurse just want to know how it works
Correct me if im wrong
There is only a LPN and a RN correct? If you’re already a RN why pursue the Masters? Thanks

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  1. Once a RN was to get a master’s degree he or she could be a nurse practitioner of some type, nurse educator, or nurse administrator. Which you are right in some aspects, a RN with a bachelors can be an educator or an administrator but it would take them many years, whereas with the masters they could advance faster and probably make more money depending on the facility in which they work. Nurse practitioners make more money than RN’s and their work is similar to the doctor, none of the cleaning patients,etc. There job would be mainly examining, treating, and diagnosing. Nurse practitioners are mid-level providers and one could be one with a master’s in nursing. Furthermore, the masters will advance your career, knowledge, pay, and duties. There are CNA’s LPN’s RN’s NP’s, CRNA’s-Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesists,FNP-family nurse practitioners and all of the specialties of nurse practitoners. Do a google search for diffferent types of nurse practitioners. I hope I have helped.