What does a military Medical Technican need to do to obtain a LPN certification?

Basically, I’ve been in the USAF for over 2 years and i’m a certified EMT-B. I have about 50 or so credits towards an associates of applied science degree and is now starting to look toward something more fulfilling for a career on the outside. My goal is to reach RN with a BSN but i’m kinda confused on some things: My home of residency is California and i know they have certain guidelines that make it easier for military to obtain a LPN, im just not exactly sure what they mean by 12 months bedside clinicals…& Do the 6 months we have in tech school (training) count towards that? And also, has anyone actually been down this path to become a LPN-RN from in the military?

Serious answers only please….and only people who ACTUALLY know what they’re talking about PLEASE! thank you…and everyone have a merry xmas!

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  1. I think you need to contact an educations advisor at military offices or maybe someone at the licensing board. There is probably a long process and lots of forms to fill, also probably quite a few loopholes. Good luck!