what does that mean when they ask if you are currently in default of any student loan?

i’m transferring to a nursing college and they sent me these application form i need to turn back in. one of the questions was ‘Are you currently in defalut of any student loans?”

i’m in a community college right now and i have half of my semester’ tuition in subsidized loan and i’m paying the rest of it. Then after this semester, i’ll pay the loan i barrowed.

So am i in default or not?

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  1. You aren’t in default. You are only in default if you are not making payments that are due.

  2. iamabutterbee says:

    It means you’re behind in payments.

  3. default means that you haven’t paid it. like if you miss a certain number of payments in a row you default. if you don’t have to make payments, or you are up to date, you’re fine.

  4. the_shadow_of_that_albatross says:

    No. The question is asking if you have missed payments on such a loan.

  5. Default means you are late on a scheduled payment. You seem ok

  6. No. To be in default you would have to be at least 60 days behind in payments on a student loan.

  7. madeniggaz83 says:

    ur not currently in any Defalut loans.

  8. SpikeyMike says:

    No. A default loan is when you have not paid the money by the due date (like a bill) usually this is 30,60,90 days deliquency. You can always ask your academic advisor…one should be assigned to you. Best of Luck!