What Else Could You Do With A Lpn License?

My friend dropped out of college and went to a one year and got an Lpn license. Worked in a few places and part time and Hated it-like nursing homes treated like bottom rung etc.
He really wants to pursue something else- like managerial but has no experience.
Since the Lpn school offered no transferable college credits would it be better to start from scratch or is it possible to use this experience to work in some other job ?

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  1. Your friend would be best off just starting from scratch and using his LPN license and experience as something to put down on his resume for future ventures. If he still likes the health care field, he may pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration. Many schools offer this degree and it would suit him perfectly. It teaches you hospital management and other things.
    I hope this helps!

  2. Im in nursing school and when I graduate I don’t plan on working in a nursing home, you’re friend might have had one bad experience, but has he even tried a hospital?. Also there’s other things he can do with that license but it will still be healthcare of course, he can do hemodialysis, which is 3 months training to be certified, so you see there’s obstetrics, pediatrics, tell your friend not to give up on that hard work from one bad experience, nursing homes suck!

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