What is nursing school like? and Do CNA’s do the work that RN’s don’t want to do?

I have had people tell me that RN’s don’t have a lot of respect for CNA’s or LPN’s because they don’t have as much education as RN’s do.

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  1. the RN’s are you boss i dont think that it has to do with respect i was a cna for 3 years and they can see how hard cna’s have to work because they are constantly understaffed but there responsibility are different and they have more patients if you are going for nursing go for your RN then you dont have to work at a nursing home im so glad i got a real job and dont have to do that anymore

  2. RNs have a great respect for CNAs and LPNs/LVNs. However, they do not have the same job or responsibilities. The job of a CNA is to assist with the basic daily care of the patient and monitor vital signs. The LPN has advanced skills in the hands on nursing techniques, so they perform a higher level of care than a CNA. So if a CNA and an LPN were assigned on a unit in a nursing home, for example, the LPN would likely perform all the higher nursing care, and the CNA would perform the daily basic care needs. RNs are educated to assess patients, plan and manage the care, as well as perform the higher nursing care needs, They also have some training in the basic care functions. But the basic daily care in most facilities is not, and should not, be the function of the RN. RNs are tasked with admissions, a higher level of patient charting, management of patient flow to other departments, and of course, monitoring the information provided by the CNAs and LPNs.

    The idea is a team concept in most facilities. Think of each person in the nursing spectrum as a player on the team, but with a different role. If it were baseball, the RN would be the pitcher, the LPN would be a baseman, and the CNA would be an outfielder. Every player is vital, and each respects the other for what they do, but they don’t necessarily do the same job. While an RN must know how to do all the jobs so they can perform them if needed, they understand a CNA can usually perform those jobs faster, and often better, but the RN is responsible for making sure they are performed according to the standards.

    At some facilities, they have the RNs perform all the care for the patients, but this is much more expensive, than a team nursing approach. In most facilities this is used in critical care, and the team nursing is used in non-critical areas.

  3. Nursing school is for a person over 18 and over who has decided that studying health care is more important than going out with their friends. You must be willing to spend a couple hours a day for how ever long the program is doing school work. This is a serious discipline and you must be ready to dedicate your life to it while in school.

    When you start nursing school, look around the class. The ones you see laying their heads on the desk during lectures and complaining on breaks “I have no social life anymore” those people will probably not be graduating nursing school.

    After giving up 4 years of your life to studying nursing and knowing all these great responsibilities lay on your head, a RN may not be sitting in the lunch room telling jokes and loafing with the CNAs or helping with the “dirty work”. This may be construed as being a snob but they are busy with other things you may not understand.