What is the difference between a nurse aide, lpn and rn?

As far as the job duties, what is the difference?

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  1. danny_boy_jones says:

    RN = Real Nurse (Registered Nurse)
    LPN = Little Peon Nurse (Licensed Practical Nurse)
    Nurses Aid = Janitor/servant for a nurse.

  2. ? hello_kitty_xoxo ? says:

    Cna is a aide that cares for the patient as in getting whatever they need and taking vital signs . Rn can do shot give medicine and then does what the cna does . I am not sure with the LPN other then my grandma said it stood for low paid nurse so that cannot be good . She was a cna for 10 years .Rn’s make really good money and assist doctors alot of the time also .

  3. Nurse aides get all the crappy work no one else wants to do.
    LPN’s do basic nursing work.
    RN supervise the others and have more responsibilty.

  4. A nursing assistant does most of the patient care such as bathing the patient and dressing him, toilets the patient, changes the bed and does routine vitals signs such as blood pressure, pulse and respirations. They pass the food trays and walk the patients etc. An LPN changes dressings, passes medications, does things like diabetic teaching and does everything else in between. They can draw blood if trained to so and they can help with IV’s if they are IV certified. An RN does medications, dressing changes, inserts IV’s and does IV medications. They can work in surgery or be unit managers or directors of nursing depending on how much schooling thay have had.

  5. Job duties between the three with vary based on the location of employment. However, more liable duties such as dispensing medication and preparing/collecting lab samples will be done by an RN and sometimes (but not usually) an LPN, depends on the meds. STNAs are limited to non-invasive duties when it comes to patients; bathing, feeding, grooming, companionship, etc.

    Also the amount of schooling, certification, and pay varies.

    STNA < LPN < RN < BSN BSN = four year nursing degree.

  6. The difference is in the training, duties performed and salaries. If one starts as an aide, then keeps taking classes, it can be easier to get ahead in some schools. Many nursing programs for RNs are very competitive and only have a limited number of placements. Being already on that career path can make the difference in getting ahead.

  7. Nurses aides help with dressing the person, bathroom help, showers and daily living skills the person may need help with, in addition to cleaning the bed

    The differences between Lpn/Rn = Basically, the difference is one of depth and breadth. The Practical Nursing program is 10 months long while the shortest Registered Nursing Program is two years.

    Obviously, there is more opportunity in an RN program to study topics in more depth and detail. For instance, this program has one course studying the course of diseases, an RN program will have at least two. Also, the RN program does not have much time at all to study the specialty areas, such as Pediatrics, Psychiatry, etc. An RN program generally has an entire course devoted to these areas.

    It may vary by State however In addition LPNs do not have assessment privileges and cannot interpret clinical data and/or establish or alter nursing care plans, or take direct orders from a doctor. They also can’t hang IV’s in most cases and must work under a RN while giving care. A lot of hospitals hire LPN’s to do work similar to Nursing aides due to this fact.

    LPN’s sometimes work more in nursing homes as they may dispense meds but they still must work under an RN

    You can get your LPN and work as one while getting the RN or continue school later. Plus for Both LPN & RN you will become a certified Nurses aide during your training at the begining before contiuation of schooling.