What Is The Difference Between An Lpn And An Lvn?

I’m really interested in a nursing career. I’m researching some of the different types of nursing online and I’m confused about the differences between an LPN and an LVN? How long would it take me to become an LVN versus an LPN? My long term goal is to become an RN. I would like to become an LPN or LVN as I believe it is the job closest related to the RN field, but I could be wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
Oh and I’m looking to go to school in Florida or Alabama for my LPN or LVN education. My husband is in the army and I’m hoping to finish school by the time he is done deploying. I will also have a newborn…but I will have lots of help from his family as I will be living with them. His mom actually is okay with watching the baby while I attend school. Once again, any advice is great, any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. I believe they are about the same thing, just called different things in different states. I would go straight to RN school if you can. It will take longer but you will get better pay in the end and have more opportunities for advancement.

  2. LPN= licensed practical nurse
    LVN= licensed vocational nurse.
    same exact thing, just some states say one and others say the other.

  3. different terms, but basically the same.
    in states like new york, texas they call it LPN.
    in california, it’s LVN.