What is the difference between an LPN(licensed practical nurse) a medical assistant & a RN(registered nurse)?

An LPN is lower than an RN do almost everything an RN except do assesments and supervisory work. Where does a medical assistant fit in the scheme of things?

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  1. untameablewild says:

    An M.A. is lower than both. They don’t have a college or nursing degree. Technically speaking an M.A. is lower than a CNA and should be supervised by someone higher. Most M.A. take like a 8 hour long class and wipe butts, feed people, and shower people in places like assisted living facilities.

  2. ahottmess says:

    Medical assistants are used mostly in Doctor’s Offices, and depending on the state and the courses they took, they are able to take blood pressures, and some certified MA can draw blood, but they are mostly receptionists at the Dr’s Office.

    The LPN’s scope of practice is defined by that states board of nursing but as a general rule the LPN handles the most stable patients in a setting, which is why they are mostly utilized in nursing homes, home health care agencies and the like. There are LPN’s in hospitals it is up to that agency, LPN’s can not make the first assessment on a patient, they can reassess, and they don’t teach, they reinforce teaching.