what is the main difference between a RN and a LPN?

other than academic degrees i mean in terms of there jobs i am currently in nursing school to become an RN and i see people opt to become an LPN why?

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  1. sandrarosette says:

    an RN has more responsibilities, they are “charge nurses” or bosses of the nurses station and the LPN’s are under them . The LPN has to report to the charge nurse.
    There are some medical needs that LPN’s are not allowed to help with, and so the RN has to do it.

  2. Meghan M says:

    When it comes to RN and LPN differences..it is mostly legal matters. An RN is actually Registered..they can administer some drugs that LPNs cannot. They can also put in feeding tubes. An RN has more opportunity these days than an LPN. They have a higher chance of working in a hospital rather than a medical office. An LPN is quite limited in what they can perform when it comes to caregiving. I would definitely opt for RN schooling than LPN. Better pay, better career stability, and more job opportunities in different departments, rather than doing the same thing in every specialty. From what I have noticed working in the medical field, most LPNs continue school later down the road to get their RN.

  3. +639198730613 says:

    RN are registered nurses with a 4 years in full academic and clinical.
    LPN are also licensed in a way they took their course in 2 years only…thats it..