What Is The Salary / Hourly Rate For A Lpn In The State Of New Jersey?

It depends on:
your experience
where you live in the state
what kind of place you work in
If you go to salary.com, you can type in LPN and your zip code. That will give you a range that you can use as a guide. It will definitely depend on the different factors, though. In southern NJ, the range is 34K-48 (that is for the most experienced).
If you are right out of school you are going to be at the low end or underneath it.
I THINK hospitals pay the best, but I am not sure. I have heard that specialized doctors (like cardiologists) pay very well, too. My sister-in-law works in a nursing home, she has about 4 or 5 years of experience and I think she earns 20-22 an hour. Once she got the experience, she started getting raises.
The good thing is you have many opportunities here as an LPN, which is rare in Jersey, as there are few jobs in other fields.

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