What Is The Worst Action A Nurse Could Take That Would Ruin Their Nursing License?

This question is not meant to be funny or to be taken lightly. It also should not include the harming of a patient either. From a legal perspective what is the worst thing/action a nurse could take that could ultimately ruin their nursing license? We are in need of opinions for this question. Thank you.

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  1. Sexually assault a male patient (it’s more common than you think).

  2. A felony conviction of any kind. That will almost always at least put your license on suspension for a period of time,if not taken away completely.
    The worst one in my state was a serial killer who tortured women in his basement. He obviously lost his nursing license.

  3. A UK nurse recently lost her license to work here, she secretly filmed atrocious and degrading institutionalised treatment of the elderly, for use on TV expose. They said it was her who had betrayed the rights and dignity of the patients! Unf****in’believable!

  4. Stealing property (syringes, medication, and other things that the patients need)
    Taking the role of a Physician.
    Giving false information.
    That is all I can think of at the moment so good luck to you.

  5. Signing out narcotics and not giving them to a patient who requests them, writing false info in a patients chart to cover for neglect or mistakes. Substituting procedures or medication ordered by the physician.~

  6. Johnny Conservative says:

    The worst thing I can think of off the top of my head would be to give a patient the wrong dosage or the wrong medicine resulting in death.

  7. well if it has nothing to do with hurting a patient I would imagine stealing meds, or violating hippa, not making correct documention, as in lying in the nurses notes or not documenting thouroughly

  8. Gross neglect or dereliction of duties.

  9. neglect or misconduct resulting in bodily injury or death.

  10. have sex with a patient and been seen by a co-worker