My mother works as an LPN in a nursing home and they offer a CNA class, but all CNA’s really do in a nursing home is clean patients and turn them and stuff like that. So I’m wondering what other jobs they can get and what that job would entail?

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  1. CNA”s work in Nursing homes, Hospitals, & do Home Health care. They take vital signs of patients, & yes in a nursing home, they, feed, Bathe, change linens , Turn them. & a lot a duties that do not seem so pleasant, but those are the people who really need the care, & Just cleaning them & turning them are only a portion of the duties . It can be a very rewarding experience, but takes someone special to do it & do it right. Just about anyone can become a CNA, But very few get the real meaning of how important the job is, & have the patients & heart to do it on a daily basis especially in a Nursing home, & also in some Home Health situations*

  2. CNAs do the same job in nursing homes, hospitals or home health.
    CNAs assist the resident/patient with all the normal daily activities of living (ADLs) which can include bathing, dressing, toileting, feeding, transporting/transferring as well as reading with, playing games, talking and very often crying with.
    it is the hardest most physically demanding job you can do, it is under-paid, under-appreciated and the MOST REWARDING.

    CNAs provide basic care and track vital signs, activities, calorie intake weight gain or loss and in a couple of states can now gain an additional certification that allows them to dispense some medications.
    some CNAs work with therapist/restorative and assist with walking patients, doing exercises etcetera. CNAs can work in administrative positions, activities, staffing/scheduling, reception but certification is not needed for any of those positions but experience in the field is an asset.