What RN program takes 9 months in Ohio?

One of my friends told me that their friend is starting a 9 month program in January to become a RN. Does any one know any information about this because I don’t see how that is possible when some LPN programs take 11 months to complete. She stays in Cleveland but I don’t know if the school is in Cleveland. I am thinking about becoming a RN to become a CRNA . I was going to join a LPN RN bridge program. Then after a year and a half of working as a RN I was going to attend Case Western Reserve to take classes to become a CRNA. If anyone have any advice for me to which schools they would recommend it doesn’t have to be a bridge program. Any info would help.


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  1. i think lPn

  2. There is an RN to BSN program that is 9 months and an LPN to RN that is less than 2 years…I know of NO RN program any where less than 2 Years unless you are already a nurse or already have a BS/AS where you already have taken all the prerequisite courses ie English, history, math, chemistry, Life science/Biology/Anatomy, econ, phil./logic, nutrition, Psyc/human growth and development etc, then you might be able to do RN in 9 mos, Even the old Diploma programs took longer than 9 months.

  3. get to the pointe says:

    A program like that doesn’t exist!

    It sounds like some things got lost in translation from your friend’s “friend” to you:

    The minimum to become an RN without having been an LPN first is the Associate Degree, which generally takes about 2 1/2 years. The old diploma nurse programs affiliated with hospitals were 3 years in length. Even LPN programs today are at least a year in length….perhaps she found an accelerated “LPN to RN” program….but even then, it would push it to cram general ed degree requirements and clinical component classes into 9 months.

    The only other plausible answer for this is that she was mistaken about it being an RN program and it’s actually a Practical Nursing program. However, the ones in my location are still a full year in length.

    It’s also quite possible that the “friend of the friend” is full of BS or is trying to pass off a Medical Assistant program (generally 9 months to a year in length) as an “RN” program.