what should I do for a career , since I can’t get into nursing?

I’ve always wanted to be an RN but I’ve been applying for the past 5 years and I haven’t gotten in to any program. I’ve applied to several places too. I have all my prerequisites done, I am now working as a CNA , so I have experience. I have everything done that I possibly can to give me enough points.(admission is based on a point system). I don’t see anything else that I can do to give me more points. Some of my classes will soon expire, probably within the next year or two, so at that point I’d have to take them again. I can’t afford to pay for school and I can’t get anymore FA, as I am in repayment right now. It just seems like its too hard to get into and now I feel like I’ve been wasting my time trying for 5 years. i need to find a job that makes good money and I want to be in the medical field or office job, or perhaps accounting. I prefer the medical field though. I thought about doing other stuff but any other training program is mon-fri 8-5 and my son is going to start kindergarten so I need to be able to take him there and pick him up. I don’t trust any one else to watch my kids except my husband, but he has to work . Right now he makes more than me so he works more , and I only work 2 days a week while he is home. That is working out fine , but anything more would take away from him working and we need the money to get by. I wish there was some sort of lpn program or something that was from like 9-1 or 9-2 , that way it wouldn’t interfere with me picking and dropping off my son to school. Also, if there was a program that wasn’t everyday, that would help, but at least just not 8-5. Please help, any ideas on programs or careers that I could do that would work with me?
I am so depressed about not getting into nursing , I need to do something.

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  1. surelynotme says:

    There are some LVN programs that are late afternoon/evening programs, but only in a few locations and hard to find. On the good side, most of the LVN private schools are not too selective about excluding students, so long as they can pay.

    Why don’t you apply for a job inside a big hospital. You could work as reception in a clinic or medical office, or a million other hospital related jobs.

  2. New England Babe says:

    I am sorry but we are experiencing a huge nursing shortage and it wasn’t that hard to get into nursing school and I had a GED.

    Have you ever met with an academic adviser to the nursing school and found out why you are not being accepted? What about an LPN or Medical Assistant?

    I have never heard of someone not being able to get into nursing school without some serious reason so this sounds a lot strange to me.

  3. Sadly there may be a reason you were not chosen for any program so far–ask a Counselor if they can tell you.

    Also know that there is a shortage of Nursing Instructors (They are required to have a Masters in Nursing to teach in classroom but a BSN is all that is needed for Clinical rotations–go figure. Many BSN Nurses will not get an MSN as to the cost and time and the salary paid after is low so they work elsewhere). W/o instructors they cannot run classes and many Nursing schools are turning away thousands of students. They have to do other things while they wait. Perhaps that will change at some point.

    The only real shortage of Nurses is in Hospitals–other areas that use Nurses are doing fine ( in fact during the recession nurses were laid off –1st time ever happened and new nursing grads can’t find jobs in depressed areas)

    Try for an LPN program or a MA or Medical Records or Billing and Coding. These may have more flexible schedules than Nursing programs right now as you must do class and clinical rotations which cannot be missed and are done during regular shifts.

    Some of the pre-reqs can be done by computer so you could do them at home w/ your kid or when asleep…
    There is also tuition reimbursement or programs at some jobs that can cover some schoolwork
    Check out the State Board of Nursing for any State program to sponsor Nurses –the State pays some money for schooling and when you graduate you promise to work in the State for so many years to off-set and get forgiveness of the loan just for working and you still get paid by the employer. Helps w/ expenses

  4. Julianna says:

    If you have completed university-level prereqs, I would NOT look into being an LPN/LVN and certainly not a Medical Assistant. Why don’t you consider Respiratory Therapy or Radiologic Technology? That way, you don’t “waste” those credits by choosing a healthcare career that doesn’t need that level of courses. Usually Allied Health professions require the same pre-reqs as an RN program.

  5. I would really look into respiratory therapy. Great salary and short programs too!

  6. a_non_ah_mus says:

    You should talk to people at your school to find out what the problem is. You didnt say what your grades were like.

    In five years you could have gotten a degree in something else. I think I would have changed paths after three years. There are alot of medical specialities you can pick from like an OT or PT assistant.

  7. As previous posters suggested, I’d talk to your school’s counselors and see what has been preventing you from getting in. Or else, they should have resources to other schools in which you could try applying. Maybe you need to retake a couple of classes in order to pull up your grades/GPA more. There is no shame in that. I’ve done it with A&P.

    Other ideas:
    Surgical Tech
    Veterinarian Tech
    Medical Assisting
    Xray/Ultrasound Tech
    Occupational Therapy/Assistant
    Physical Therapy/Assistant
    Dental Hygienist
    Pharmacy Tech
    Massage Therapist