what should i do join the army or air force or what?

I am getting ready to be a junior in high school and im also taking classes to get LPN and CNA certified . i am super excited to get out of high school and having a future that i decide to have. i had my future all planned out then
my older brother just graduated from basic military training for the air force and i am super excited for him. and i was and am thinking about enlisting after high school and have been thinking. i am thinking about joining the army but i cant decide and my older brother said that i should!
so i have been thinking about it seriously but i am scared to death about going through basic military training… and i am scared about getting kicked out …..but i want to be a nurse really bad! but NO one in my family supports supports me.they all think it wouldn’t be best for me!!!! except for my older brother!
i am the type of person who with go anywhere with whomever….i am perfectly fine with going to Iraq(if i had to)…i am just scared to death about basic military training because i have very little upper body strength!!! NO one believes i could make it through…except my older brother
i can run about 2 miles in 15minutes and i can do 59 sit ups in 2 minutes but only 3 push ups right now..if i try really hard! i try to walk about 2 miles a day. so i am trying to get prepared..but very slowly! i gave up soda completely about a month ago!!! so happy i did!!!
the only thing i am really nervous and scared about is all the yelling…i don’t like it when people yell in my face….
i am so confused on what to do please help!!!!!!!!!
also….i had surgery a few years ago and they messed it up and so now a little of my knee has no feeling in it….is that going to be a problem in joining???

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  1. Jake Taylor says:

    How many times have you asked this question?

  2. Strickland says:

    You sound smart enough to not have to go into military service.

  3. you serious? your worried about army basic, that’s funny. if it was USMC boot camp then you should worry, but they make you into the Best there is. army drastically lowered their pt standards its a joke.they are making it more fun for the recruits.the DS don’t even yell at you anymore u eat better food u use your cell phones and u get a full 8 hours sleep and more.lol to be scared of that, what a joke.
    join the Marines