what’s the Smart way to pay for nursing school?

I would like to major in nursing, I would like to go to school for LVN or LPN because the length of the program is one year. But my goal is to be a RN (registered nurse) What should i do.Which way would be the most affordable? Any suggestions.

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  1. You can probably get the government to pay for your RN by joining the military. Talk to a recruiter, but it is common for the military to pay for medical school and other specialized training in return for a commitment to serve several years in the military. Look into an ROTC program at the college of your choice.

    The military (Army, Navy, Air Force) has hospitals across the US and a few around the world, so working as a military nurse will give you the chance to work in exotic locations. You could end up in Hawaii or Germany. Most of the work is identical to what you’d do in a civilian hospital.

  2. If your goal is to be an RN don’t waste time getting your LPN. It will be a waste of money and in my area the schools that offer the course are trade schools. The tuition is 20K+ for that one year!

    Enroll in your local community college that offers an RN program and continue working full time while taking all of your pre-requisite coursework. I did this lived extremely cheap and saved the rest. When I started nursing school I only had 8 or 9 hours to take per semester and I was able to continue working part time. I was able to get through school without taking out any loans. The tuition rate at the community college was also very inexpensive. I didn’t pay more than $6,000 for the entire program. Nursing school is intense, so if you feel stressed quit working and take out student loans. You will be able to pay them back when you graduate.