when you work in a hospital do they give you a scolorship for nursing if you are a phlebotomy tech?

i know they do it a lot for a lpn so i was wondering if they did it for other hospital jobs a lot im trying to decide to go to school for a lpn or phlebotomy tech hoping to get a hospital to pay for my nursing school

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  1. Ynomrah says:

    After one year, most hospitals will contribute to, or fully fund your schooling, keep in mind that you will, or may have to sign a contract to work for them after school for a set period of time. Speak to your union rep.

  2. Emily S says:

    The hospital I work for will pay for schooling in any health care related degree, no matter what your current position is. The deal is that you have to stay at least 1 year after finishing school, or pay back the money.

  3. Diane A says:

    Each hospital is completely different so you would need to contact your human resources. The hospital I started out at ONLY paid for schooling that enhanced the job you already had–so they did not pay to totally change a career (ie phlebotomist to RN); but like I said, its TOTALLY at the whim of the hospital. ANd some don’t pay all of it either–a portion & they cap; and other contribute it all–must do research!