Where Can I Find A Job As An Lpn Here In Nj?

I recently graduated as an LPN. Im trying to look for online links where I can apply as an LPN. Im going to continue school for RN aswell but right now I need to find job as LPN. Its so hard to find one since most agencies require at least 6 months experience.PLs help!

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  1. I am surprised to hear that in NJ you can’t find a job. I know 2 people who recently graduated LPN program and found a job within 1 month. Try different types of places, hospitals, retirement homes, etc. Not just retirement homes. I know LPN’s don’t just work there.
    I was recently in my community college in the Nursing Advisement office and they have these Nursing Magazines and Medical Magazines about the Nursing profession that have LOTS of ads for local companies hiring for nurses. Consider this.
    Don’t just try craigslist. Big companies don’t post unprofessional looking ads like that. Try the newspaper and most importantly get out there and apply apply apply.
    Good luck!

  2. Where did you do your clinical? Perhaps they will hire you. I would also apply at nursing homes…they are always hiring. There is a big shortage of nurses out there. Start by applying in your home town ….in person. Good luck.

  3. Craigslist.com
    They usually have job listings for that, cna’s, etc.