Where else can LPN work other then a Nursing HOME?

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  1. menlo girl says:

    Am not sure but I believe hospitals and medical doctors hire LPNs. Check it out and good luck.

  2. A group home but the pay is usually lower. I know they have traveling nurses also. Pay well too. not sure if an LPN is qualified for the job. Home care is another option.

  3. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, home health agencies, hospice…for starters.

    If you’re interested in non-clinical positions, there are also possibilities at insurance companies, healthcare marketing agencies, etc.

    You can also look here for additional info on LPN careers/outlook: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos102.htm

  4. susan e says:

    hospitals,home health care.doctors offices.the big money for lpns is when you’re working for an agency/pool .ten yrs.ago i was making $20.00 an hour on the weekend with the pool.

  5. Shamika R says:

    The can also work in hospital and u can have them pay for u to have a higher education

  6. Home Health agencies and your county’s Health department are good options. You can also work in many hospitals. Doctor’s offices also hire LPN’s.