Where Should I Apply For An Lpn Job?

I am just about finished with LPN school and I am going to start putting applications in soon. I just can figure out where I should go, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Dr’s Office, where? Can anybody help?

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  1. Any place that have need for a nurse. Like the places you listed. It can be scary but if you can remember that old saying “I am at the bottom and I ain’t got nowhere to go but up!” You are gonna be a winner as a LPN.
    Good luck!

  2. Nursing homes or Dr’s offices – especially a larger practice (if there’s 5 or more doctors in the practice, you stand a good chance of getting hired!) Some hospitals hire LPNs, but most want RNs. You can also look into Urgent-Care facilities….

  3. Well you have your choice of any of the above, so it just boils down to your preference. With each of these jobs you will be working with a variety of different people with a completely different job description for each job.
    I work in a nursing home and I love it. The elderly are fantastic people to be around. It can be very challenging at times and it is not for everyone. You need a lot of patience understanding and compassion. I work with some people that really shouldn’t be in this position because although they have the knowledge for the position, they lack the above qualities and it’s the residents that ultimately suffer.
    I would suggest that you do a little research on each of the positions, before making a decision. Talk to some people that are already working in those positions to get a more detailed description of the job. Then make a decision.
    Good luck

  4. It is according to how much money you want to make. Most hospitals and nursing homes will pay you extra for night shift and weekends. However you will be expected to work either twelve or eight hour shifts. 7-7or 7-3 ect, If you want a 8-5 job that would be doctors office. However, you prob will not get as much money. Then you have private duty not to be confused with home health. They pay about as much as the hospitals. Private duty brings home patients that are on vents and are critically ill. If you want experience, then I would go with hosp or private duty.