Can I specialize as a nurse to work with GLBTQ patients?

In the fall I will start LPN school and once that is over, I plan to further my education by obtaining an RN. I live in the southeast US, and since a lot of my family is here, I’d like to stay here until I get my RN, unless there’s an offer I can’t refuse. My office skills re. Excel and Word are pretty good; I can get along well in any setting. I just need the medical training.

I really have a place of compassion in my heart for HIV/AIDS patients and transgendered patients. Does anyone have recommendations of places I should look? Is there any sort of opportunity for an LPN to be employed by a doctor that does GRS or at an HIV/AIDS clinic? Is there a list of such places? I couldn’t find one.
I’m sincerely considering something like Peace Corps to go to somewhere like Africa. :) Good suggestion.

Also, for the person who suggested I am “excluding” patients for personal reasons: Is choosing to work in women’s health or pediatrics also “excluding people”/bigotry?

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  1. Nick Bruiser says:

    AIDS ward and anywhere people are getting things removed from the anus.

  2. Live in San Francisco or West Hollywood.There GLB communities.

  3. Well, i know that California has the highest population of transgendered people. I also think they have HIV clinics since San Fran was like ground zero for AIDS in the 80s. But to put this in perspective, is you prefering to work with trans and HIV people any different from someone prefering not to work with them. Your both excluding a group of people because of personal reasons

  4. Africa would be a great place for you to work. AIDS is running rampant there.

  5. as i said, i would love to see how well you could play the roll in my fantasy as the head lesbian nurse

  6. There are services like those you are looking for in every middle and large city. As you say you would like to stay near family look for the services in those towns.

    Sources of information would be the area’s social services organizations but you should know that money is always tight for such. That can translate to low pay.

    Also, look for GLBT organizations as a link to the work you seek.

    All the best to you, whatever you end up doing. You’ve picked a difficult area of work but one where there is a real need.